March 2016:  Featuring Anna Lizarraga!  This lady works HARD!  When she joined our group fitness classes, I could tell that she was on a mission to make some changes.  I've never seen someone smile so much as she is pushing through the challenges of each workout. When it's over, she glows.  I'd say she definitely gives us all a little FITspiration with her "can do" attitude!  . . . practice makes progress! - Coach Jacque

April Gainy's FITspiration!

Since the moment that I have started working out at JACS Figure on Fit, I have not wanted to stop.  Something about my body, as well as my mind changing when it comes to my personal fitness is now indescribable to me.  At first, I thought, “Oh, I only want to lose a few pounds and tone my body,” but that has all now changed for me.  Keeping fit and staying active has now become a lifestyle.  Having fun while getting fit is something that I encourage others to try.  I love coming to JACS, a place where I can get a variety of classes that are fun, and mixed with a lot of individuals who genuinely cheer each other on as they succeed in their own fitness goals.  I am happy with the results that I am seeing, not only physically, but mentally when it comes to the benefits of fitness.  I am becoming my own success story.  I now know my capabilities are endless, and the great part of all of this is I am just getting started! 

Presenting Natalie McGrory’s FITspiration!

I started working out three days a week with Coach Jacs eight weeks ago. It's been 12 years and four kids since the last time I worked out. Literally not one workout in 12 years. I was scared and stressed over going to that 1st class....(I was so self conscious and didn't want to work out with a bunch of skinny minnie's) But I went, and I was amazed as to how I felt. I was comfortable, I was happy, I felt welcomed and I was like “wow I can do this.” The amount of motivation, the push and the high fives I got from the other women amazed me. After the soreness of the first few weeks went away, it became clear to me that my health is in my hands. I told myself over and over I can and will do this. Eight weeks later, I'm addicted to my classes, but also addicted to my amazing coach that pushes me and motivates me at my own level, not hers. With zero practice and lots of encouragement from Coach Jacs, and the other woman at the classes, I ran my first 5k on October 11, 2015. The feeling was and still is indescribable. To cross that finish line was the most incredible feeling. To be able to do that after seven weeks of working out…amazing to me. I am thankful I met Coach Jacs. I know now what it feels like to actually have a good day without being tired all the time. I am living again and I am loving life, thank you Coach Jacs for all your support and motivation, and thank you to all the awesome people that I have met in the classes at JACS Figure on Fit.

Natalie McGrory:  Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2015