Get Into Right Thinking:

Your whole world could change with thought. We think all day long - the average person has about 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts a day; some experts say 50,000, nevertheless, there's constant action happening in the brain. What you say to yourself on a daily basis can direct a lot of your actions, and determine outcomes. Do you have right thinking? Or do you veer towards those things that create doubt, indecision, or inaction?

What is right thinking? It's a place of purposeful, deliberate control over thought. We have to challenge our innate and learned behavior - - it’s easier to just do. It takes some effort and thought to just get close to getting it right. Life takes us through so many changes. From the start, our world is filled with so much noise – to decipher it would be to look inward to how you’re living. Take a moment: reflect! Do an inventory of how you respond to life, how you respond to challenges, how you respond to desires, how you respond to roadblocks. Be honest. Don’t we love bandwagons? We seem to gravitate toward those who have like thinking; we validate and justify, justify, justify. This whole vicious process can work for you, and many times against you. The voices from the past, the experiences, the unknown future, they leave us tongue twisted, confused, as we stumble around (or not) with the sub woofer words of life that just resonate and have us walking like zombies, all marching to do something that feels like an instinct. The instinct isn’t coming from who we really are, but from the world that we were born into or from the world we found as we began making our own choices.

Time to turn off the noise, and listen to a new channel. Time to release your limitless power - starting simply with WORDS and the influence of our thoughts! Positive words to yourself will annihilate the inhibitions, release the shackles, and get you moving toward living a happier, more fulfilled life – a life on purpose. Turn the volume up on this new station, and abate that old noise. We’re going to call this “power word exercise!”

Today, decide that you’re ready to change your pattern of thinking. You’re going to hold any negative thoughts captive, and replace them with some on purpose, OUT LOUD reclamations. Start with waking up in the morning – look beyond what you normally see, and look for something subtle, that can bring meaning: a sunrise, a flower blooming, a tree, the sky and its hidden wonders . . . something that reminds you that life is wondrous. Tell yourself today: I’m going to “make” my day a good one. Walk around with that attitude as you get dressed, as you brush your teeth, as you eat. Look in the mirror and SAY IT OUT LOUD!

When you step out into the world to start the day - - arm yourself with some self-talk that promotes a "can do anything" attitude. Use your words to steer you in a direction that brings you LIFE! Complete an inventory of words that describe who you want to become, and use those words as your daily mantra. Pick some words: self-starter, punctual, happy, overcomer, achiever, a warrior, a winner, kinder, thoughtful, lively, healthy . . . create your own words. And then - look for ways to become who you know you are! Yes, words are your POWER - talk to yourself to promote and initiate outcomes that leave you wowing yourself. Get into right thinking.